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Head Start offers a number of ways for parents to get involved and engage in their child's education.

  • Attend home visits
  • Attend Parent Center Activities
  • Help out at School
  • Participate in Parent Teacher Conferences
  • Volunteer in your child's classroom
  • Attend your child's medical/dental appointments
  • Read the parent newsletters

Please feel free to contact your child's school for more information.

You can view our Parent Orientation to learn more about Head Start and how you can be involved. 

Head Start student and parent do an activity together

Parent Engagement Activities

Men, Kids and Supper

Men, Kids and Supper is a place for Head Start Children and their male role models to meet, have a meal, and participate in some fun activities. 

Some activities include, Pumpkin Carving, Human Pizza Making, and even field trips to the Children's Museum and Wildlife Sanctuary.

Policy Council

The Policy Council is the governing body of Head Start. Any Head Start parent of a currently enrolled child may be elected to Policy Council. This group is made up of current Head Start parents, past Head Start parents, and representatives of the community.  Policy Council members learn leadership skills and make suggestions to improve the Head Start program. All parents are invited to attend.  

Policy Council Executive Board

Our Policy Council Elections will be held in November, and our new council members will be listed here.  Please talk with your Family Advocate, or your child's teacher for more information about Policy Council.  We meet monthly on the third Tuesday of the month at 5:30pm. Meals and child care are provided.

Parent Committee

Parent Committee is an opportunity for parents and children to learn together about each area of our curriculum and how you can support your child's school readiness at home. Our Education Coordinator and classroom teachers utilize a Book Club format, focusing on a different area each month and each family receives a free copy of the book of the month.  We encourage you to come to each meeting, but if that doesn't fit into your schedule, please come to those you can make. 

Health and Education Advisory Committee

This is a biennial meeting held in November and April.  Head Start uses this to inform our community about what is happening at Head Start and to come together to advise our program in planning, operation and evaluation of Health and Nutrition Services.  Parents are invited and welcome to attend along with our community partners.